How Can I Help?

We appreciate all donations – diapers, dollars & time!

Diaper Drives:   Start a diaper drive at your workplace, school, place of worship, or neighborhood center.

Dollars:   Donate securely with our PayPal account. (You do not need to have a Paypal account to donate!)


Diapers – New & Extras:   Of course we accept new packages of diapers but don’t forget the unused, open packages.  Did your little one outgrow some diapers before you could use them?  We would love to share them with families that need them.  Contact us; we are happy to pick up donations.   Or you drop off your diapers at our distribution partners St. Luke’s Community House.

Time:  We are excited to say we are growing every day!  We can always use help picking up and delivering diapers, inventorying donations, fundraising, and reaching out to spread the word.  Get in touch! We’d love to meet you.


  • Have a diaper drive.
  • Talk to your employer about diaper drives and matching donations.
  • Wrap diapers.
  • Deliver diapers for distribution partners.
  • Conduct a fundraising event.
  • Help us with grant writing and research.
  • Interview for our Board.
  • Donate materials such as tape and saran wrap.
  • Tell others about Nashville’s Diaper Need.
  • Get stories about our mission in the media.
  • Maintain and update our Website and/or Social Media
  • … and give us ideas we may not have thought of!

Important Info for Donors:  We are a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization and recognized as a Tennessee NonProfit Corporation.

Copies of Nashville Diaper Connection’s Donor Privacy Policy or our most recent Form 990 or 990-EZ are available upon request. Please send your request using the Contact form on this web site.


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