How It Works

You can buy candy with food stamps — but diapers are classified with cigarettes, alcohol, and pet food as disallowed purchases.

Nashville Diaper Connection is growing a network of community support.   We work with local organizations to plan and promote diaper drives similar to food drives for a food bank.   Local businesses and individuals donate money, diapers, and time. We pick up and store diapers and work with our local community distribution partners to distribute to struggling  families. By being intermediaries, we limit duplication of services, reduce administrative expenses, and work collaboratively to solve a basic human need at the community level. If clients need diapers, they often have other needs that are best addressed through our partner agencies dealing with the full continuum of care.

Distribution Partners:

Why Disposable Diapers?

  • The vast majority of daycare providers generally require parents to provide a daily supply of disposable diapers.
  • Most commercial laundries and apartment laundry facilities prohibit washing dirty cloth diapers.
  • Disposable diapers are a practical necessity in informal child care situations.
  • According to the Sierra Club’s “Green Home,” reusable diapers washed separately at 140 degrees or higher and non-line drying of diapers has a 75% worse environmental impact than disposable diapers.
  • The best kind of diapers are clean diapers! In the future, if there is a need for cloth diapers for families struggling with poverty, we will try to accommodate that need.  For now, we are focusing on providing clean diapers to help families get out of the poverty cycle.

6 Comments on “How It Works

  1. I need diaper help for my two kids.where do i apply ? What is the requirement please ?

    • Please reach out to one of our community partners for diapers. They are St. Luke’s Community House, Martha O’Bryan Center, Catholic Charities, East Nashville Cooperative Ministries, NeedLink, Nurses for Newborns or Christian Community Outreach. Any of these should be able to help.

  2. What part of town is your facility for volunteers to wrap diapers?

    • You can volunteer at our West Nashville location, at a number of MNPS Community Achieves Partner schools, or we can coordinate a diaper wrapping event at your work, church, school – just about anywhere!

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